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Introduction to the consultation

There are two parts to this consultation:

• The first relates to the physical changes on the ground needed to build a new north west runway and operate an expanded airport;

• The second relates to potential principles we could apply when designing the new airspace required for an expanded airport. At this early stage, we are not consulting on future flight path options.

Heathrow is a critical part of the UK economy, but its expansion is also vital to securing the country’s economic future as an outward looking nation.

This consultation is a central part of delivering that plan. It is your opportunity to share your views on the options for how we expand. Your feedback will inform a second consultation next year where we will present detailed plans and again ask for your views before finalising our proposals.

Heathrow expansion is about more than just a runway. It is about opportunities for our local community, inside and outside the airport’s boundary. It is about securing the country’s economy and connecting the whole of the UK to global growth. And it is about legacy – building the infrastructure today that our children will need for tomorrow.

Today, businesses across the country, from Scotland to the South West depend on the global connections Heathrow creates.

With 194 routes to over 80 countries, we connect the whole of Britain to the world and drive investment back into and across the country. Expanding Heathrow is essential to ensure future generations can compete for global trade. It will create up to 180,000 new jobs and up to £187 billion in economic benefits across the country.

We will double cargo capacity, support British exporters and leave an infrastructure skills legacy. But expanding in the national interest must not come at the expense of our local communities. We want our local communities to share in the benefits of Heathrow’s growth.

Expansion will create up to 40,000 jobs in the local area and create a wealth of new opportunities for local businesses. Thousands of young people will have a chance to launch their careers at Heathrow by doubling the number of apprenticeships.

We want to minimise the negative effects that expansion could have both during and after construction. That’s why we have already made a number of commitments on issues including noise, air quality and property and community compensation. Together, they mean that we can reduce the impact of expansion and ensure everyone is treated fairly.

This consultation is an important step in delivering expansion, unlocking these opportunities and delivering our commitments. But most importantly we want to hear from you so that you can help us shape our emerging plans to make them better. We look forward to discussing the options to expand with you, hearing your views and working with you to deliver Heathrow expansion.